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Rodney Alcala wurde 1979 angeklagt, die 12-jährige Robin Samsoe entführt und ermordet zu haben.

Bereits elf Jahre zuvor, 1968, hatte er sich eines ähnlichen Verbrechens schuldig gemacht.

Die zahlreichen Verfahren brachten weitere grausame Verbrechen ans Tageslicht.

Rodney Alcala war ein Serienmörder, ein sexueller Sadist der übelsten Sorte, der zehn Jahre lang unentdeckt seine Taten begangen hatte.

He claimed the video showed him wearing the earrings on the dating show which was filmed a year before the girl's death.

Recent DNA advances also helped link him to the killings of nurse Georgia Wixted, 27, legal secretary Charlotte Lamb, 32, computer programmer Jill Parenteau, 21, and Jill Barcomb, 18.

Alcala, who is likely to be sentenced to death on each of the five counts, represented himself in a bizarre court performance in which he posed questions and then answered them himself.

During the six week trial he insisted on showing the jury a video of his appearance on an episode of The Dating Game in 1978.

But police believe Alcala, who has been in custody since 1979 and has twice overturned previous convictions, is responsible for dozens more deaths in New York and Los Angeles in the 1970s.

Damals hatte er ein achtjähriges Mädchen vergewaltigt.

Das Kind überlebte zum Glück die schreckliche Tat, weil die Polizei rechtzeitig eingeschritten war.

There were also trapdoors and chutes, according to reports, so that he could move the bodies down to the basement.

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He disposed the bodies in a kiln located in the basement.Bis heute konnten ihm insgesamt sieben Morde nachgewiesen werden.